Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hawaii Trip in Living Color

I have decided that rather than write about my Hawaiian adventures that I would post pictures of the adventures with small captions about them. If you like a picture or caption and would like to hear more about the experience then you can ask me and I can elaborate.

Acaca Falls = Amazing. The hike to this is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It was an incredible rain forest. The falls were beautiful too.

Me swinging on some vines in the rain forest near Acaca Falls. It was beautiful and fun. It took some convincing to get Laura to do it, but she did in the end.

This is Rainbow Falls. It was a beautiful site, but even a better hike up to the top.

Here is the video of me on the best rope-swing that I have ever been on. It was so much fun. This is right above Rainbow Falls. Yes, I did almost hit the cliff wall.

This is in Volcano National Park. We hiked through this crater that was a lake of lava in 1959. It was a fun hike. There was steam coming up through cracks in the ground all over. It was fascinating.

Macalena Beach was the most beautiful beach that I have ever been to. It took quite a hike over sharp lava rock, but it was so worth it.

Of course I had to climb the coconut tree at the beach to pick some coconuts. I broke them open over the lava rocks to have a delicious drink.

I also tried to body surf at this beach. I did fairly well, but as you can see the waves weren't quite up to scratch. These waves did not have the power necessary to break anything, but it was fun nonetheless.

Of course the black sand beach needed to be visited. It was interesting to see the sand that was as black as tar. Of course you can see by the size of the waves that I sustained several injuries at this beach. Even though there was a sign that said we couldn't take any sand with us, I left with many grains of sand under my skin.

This is me snorkeling/body-surfing at the black sand beach. I am standing on sharp lava rock watching the wave come. Yea, I didn't stand a chance.

This is Magic Sands Beach, aka Break-neck Beach. This is the last beach we went to. It had the best waves by far. There was some great body-surfing here. Of course the body surfing did result in my last blog entry and this next picture...

Here was me at the hospital being asked if I did drugs.

This was the last rainbow we saw as Laura and I were leaving Honalulu. It was a great adventure and it is sure to be remembered for a long time.