Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Full Moon with Old Friends

Last week we had a great full moon. I realize the inversion here in Salt Lake is bad for breathing, and almost everything else, but it is great for a moon-rise. On Thursday as the full moon came up over the mountain it was huge and had a beautiful yellowish hue. It was a good thing my friend Paige called to tell me about it, it was also a good thing that it was her birthday. For her birthday a few of us went to my friend's house to sit in the hot tub. We enjoyed the moon, we sang, we told stories, we laughed, we lived.

As we sat in the hot tub and enjoyed each other's company and the glory of the moon I realized that it doesn't get much better than that. Before we left I brought up one of my family traditions for birthdays. (don't tell my mom, she might think I actually learned something while I was at home). I had us all go around and say something that we liked about Paige. I specifically asked to say something we hadn't said to Paige yet, preferably something more obscure. I learned some great things about Paige. I guess we can like a lot of little things about someone that we don't usually think to bring up. I think this year I will try to bring up small things that I like about people. I think that will be fun for this year.

The next night I enjoyed some more great friends. My old roomie and good friend B-ryce (pronounced Bee-Rice) was in town. So B-ryce and his GF Erin and I went on a sweet Hike. I decided that I wanted to go up Ferguson Canyon. So we started our beautiful hike in the beauty of the city lights, but we soon crossed over the hill and we were basked in the smooth, perfect moonlight. We had so much fun hiking and chatting about old times. As we hiked up we got to see the moon rise several times since we would continually get closer to ridges.

You can see the pretty moon behind B-ryce

B-ryce and Erin are supa-cute!

I loved chillin with such good friends. Certain research shows that if you are friends with someone for more than 7 years then you are friends for life. I'm glad that Erin and I have made it, cementing our friendship for life. B-ryce and I still need a few more years, but I hope we make it. We sure like to go on adventures together and talk about life. I hope that I can keep many great friends throughout my years. If any of my friends from my past want to reconnect, now is the time, don't delay. Feel free to call me anytime and we can chat. If you want to go on an adventure, you know I'm always good for it. And, like always, I will be up in the mountains every full moon so you can come find me there.

I'm always up for chillin with old friends, even if it is in the winter in the freezing cold.
(Though even Erin didn't get too cold)


Jeff said...

I'm glad we made it past the 7 year mark. I'm not even there with my wife yet, but we're at about 6 1/2 years so I have confidence we can make it another 6 months.

Also, I promise not to tell your mom you learned something at home.

Kathryn said...

This sounds awesome! I'm glad you had a great adventure!

Chris Stevenson said...

Thanks for sharing your full moon adventure. I especially enjoyed reading it while I was inside a warm house instead of in the cold.

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