Monday, June 2, 2008

For time and all eternity

I have been spending the last few weeks mentally preparing myself for most of my good friends moving on with their lives. I am not talking about getting a job or buying a house, I am talking about getting a new best friend for time and all eternity. Jeff and I have talked about how we just keep getting younger and younger friends, but I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. I mean, honestly, if I make friends with the people coming out of high school now we can't even agree on how many planets there are in our solar system. So I think maybe I should consider moving on too. That is a scary thought for many reasons that I won't go into right now.

I realize I have had friends get significant others, finances and spouses for some time now. This year seems to be different, it appears there is a landslide of weddings. I have a good friend getting married almost every weekend this spring and summer. I realize they are still my friends, but we are just in different games now. I will likely reclaim many of my friends when I make the leap and get an eternal best friend, but until then I am not sure what my best strategy is. I guess I have to start over with finding new people to spend my time with.

Which brings me to my next question: Where? Should I try and make more friends who will soon get married here in Provo or should I seek other circumstances? I think that Provo and I have enjoyed each other for a while but I was never meant for Provo. I think I should try a new place that might work better for my situation. Right now I am thinking that Washington DC might be a place that can handle me. It seems to be out-a-control enough for me. I guess I will try and seek my fortunes there.

I hope I still can keep in touch with old friends even after they have to plan their schedule for two. And one day, maybe I will be ready to join them and have my own permanent best friend. Until then I will: try and support my friends in their endeavors, make new friends, try and figure out my life, keep loving and loving and loving, and most of all prepare myself for the chance I have to make the decision for time and all eternity...

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Jeff said...

I feel good about the DC stratagem. I also feel good about the use of the word out-a-control.