Sunday, July 20, 2008

Twilight - and how it relates to my life.

Yes I am talking about the book by Stephanie Meyer. I have read all three of the books in the series and I feel I need to make some comments about my first experience in the vampire romance genre. First I would like to say that I did enjoy the books. I thought that Stephanie did an excellent job at character development. It is in the three main characters that lies the genius of the Twilight series. At first I thought I would write why I think Edward is way better than Jacob, even though it should be obvious, but then I decided to take a different course in this blog. I have decided to discuss the various characteristics in the different characters that I see in myself. I realize I am going to compare both good and bad characteristics to myself. Please let me be a little liberal with these and don't take offense if I claim to have a characteristic that I don't really have. I think I will also mention traits that I wish I had or I am trying to develop.

What a great guy. I love his patience and his self control. When I was reading about him I was reminded of how hard I have worked to gain patience and self control. Depending on who is reading this may say I do or don't have that, but these are virtues that I will make a part of my life even if it takes awhile.

Some people believe that Edward is controlling, others label him as protective. I think he originally is a little of both. However I like to view people by how they change and progress. In Eclipse when Edward seemed controlling because he didn't think it was safe for Bella to chill with werewolves. However once he realized it was safe he apologized and then changed. The practice of recognizing when you are wrong and then actually changing is a trait I have worked hard to gain. I was so impressed with how well Edward stuck to his decision after he had professed to change.

Another trait that Edward has that causes disputes in many forums discussing Twilight is that he always likes to be right. In his defense, who doesn't like to be right? Also in his defense, he is right most of the time. I think I have had this characteristic for most of my life. I am trying to get over the fact that I always have to be right. I am getting better at being willing to admit that others can be right even if they don't have my same point of view. Even though many people claim this is one of Edward's biggest faults, I kind of like it. It makes him human. I makes him real. It goes along with his confidence that really pulls them out of many sticky situations. And, once again, he really is right most of the time.

Sometimes I had so much trouble relating with Bella. Her crazy, emotionally-charged, sophomoric decisions. At other times I could feel her pain because I have had situations in which I had to make similar decisions.

The characteristic that I most identified with that Bella demonstrated through the second two books was that of loyalty and truly caring about people. The fact that she didn't want to be with Jacob didn't make him less important to her. She wanted him to be happy and she wanted him to be comforted in his time of pain. This is something that I have seen in myself and have struggled with. How much should I care for my ex girlfriends? How much should I allow myself to worry about their happiness. I have gone through this discussion with myself and friends many times. In the books it is easy for me as the reader to say, "Well Bella should tell Jacob it is over and not see him again." Then I realized how many times I have come to that in my life where there are people that I care about that I can't tell them that I won't see them anymore. In fact in the last couple months is the first time in my life that I have had the courage to tell an ex girlfriend that I can't talk to her anymore because it wasn't good for either of us. In fact I have done it twice in the last couple months, and both times it caused more pain than I could have imagined. It may have caused me more pain than the actual breakup. I definitely understood how Bella had such a hard time saying goodbye for good. That is one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do in my life.

I definitely have some real concerns with Jacob and his questionable tactics to win over Bella, but he has many redeeming qualities. I also have found myself in a similar situation that he has found himself in.

I can relate to being the friend of a girl that loves someone else and then falling in love with that girl. It happened to me about nine months ago. After I fell in love with her and made that known she didn't want to date me but didn't want to lose me as a friend. She eventually fell in love with me also and then she was torn in half trying to decide what to do. Should she wait for her missionary or should she date me? I felt a lot like Jacob as I tried to convince her that I was the key to the future. However I differed from Jacob in the fact that I tried not to use manipulative tactics. So, in the end, I decided that I had to let her go. I tried not to hold it over her head or make her feel bad for her decision. I truly desired her happiness and so I wished her the best in her life and I am trying to move on.

I understand how Jacob had such a hard time letting a girl he loved go. But I feel that if he truly loved her he would have desired her happiness more than just wanting to be with her. This is why I will always pick Edward above Bella. Edward seemed to always choose the happiness of Bella above all else.

Twilight is a series that I have enjoyed and I look forward to reading Breaking Dawn and finding out who the three main characters become. In the mean time I will continue to try and gain the best traits I can and make the best out of hard situations.


Nasty Butler said...

I think it's truly admirable that you have even decided to read these books, despite how ridiculed you might be. Well done. ;)

Jeff said...

It was really fun to read the relations to your life. I have not read those books but I am familiar with the life of Jared William so at least I was able to understand it from that point of view. Maybe I'll have to read those books sometime.

Robyn said...

You are such a great guy! I have seen some of the things you have been going through and I admire you for working through them. I hope you continue to progress and find what you need. I like to say that things turn out alright in the end, and somehow they always do.

James said...

I am a huge fan, way to read a book and then spend time applying it to your life. I think you were honest I'm your application. Secodly I now give myself five points for making this comment from an iPhone in the mall while jenny shopped.

Heather Stevenson said...

I admire your ability to think deep Jared - deep enough to apply the story. I have to admit that I just read it for pure entertainment. I also like your girly side. Reading Twilight and blogging - it's not quite as girly as your brother though (he enjoys cleaning AND shopping). I'm sure the future Mrs. Jared W. will appreciate that you've embraced your inner woman.

Breanna Stevenson said...

Yes, Jared's 'future wife' really does appreciate all of his incredible traits. :) Jared's ability to learn and gain new skills, and his tender/strong heart is such a blessing in my life.