Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weddings, adventures and ponderings (seems to be a trend)

I had another incredible week. I hiked Timp starting at midnight. It was a beautiful hike and we got up to the top for the sunrise. Then after I arrived home I had enough time to take a shower then go horseback riding. I went with my friend Ann Marie to the Oquirrh Mountains. We went up a beautiful trail about five miles then came back down. I even galloped on the horse for a little while. It was so much fun; I think I need to ride horses in the mountains way more often. I had all these great adventures, but the one that I will write about is the wedding of my youngest sister Amy.

There are many times in my life, especially this summer, when my heart has longed for there to be more in my life. Of all those times I don’t recall any being as acute as that of my feelings yesterday. My sister Amy has been a joy to our family for so long. She has spread joy and happiness to everyone she knows. I give her credit for the fact that everyone in my family hugs every time we see each other. She has been a great blessing for so long.

Amy has always held a very special place in the hearts of my family members. Because of her health problems that she has had for years, we have loved her even more. I am very protective of my sister and I knew that she would marry someone very special. It was wonderful for me to realize, yesterday, that she had just married someone who would cherish her and take care of her for the rest of her life. She had found the person she needed for her to have a happy life.

I don’t usually cry at weddings, in fact, I don’t remember every having cried at a wedding (and I have been to a lot). But seeing the exquisite joy on my sister’s face right after she was sealed to Kent for time and all eternity was too much for me. When I hugged her a couple minutes later we both cried as we expressed our love for each other. Also at the dinner when my other sister talked about how great Amy was, I also had to wipe away the tears that were coming.

Even with all this emotion I think the greatest emotions of that day were in my pondering during these events. I felt deep in my heart that I wanted to share a day like this with someone that I loved. I wanted to love and cherish someone so much. I want to have someone to share my life with; to share the good and the bad and the great. Yesterday there was an incredible rainstorm and I went and stood out in it and spread my arms and looked to the sky. It was so wonderful, but I wanted someone at my side to enjoy the beauty of the moment as much as I was.

I experienced so many beautiful moments yesterday that I realized that I need someone to share them with. I have so much hope that I will find someone so wonderful and we will have endless amazing moments together. I really believe that if I keep doing what I need to be doing then I will find the girl of my dreams. While I am definitely trying to live in the moment – I am looking forward to that day with great anticipation. And, oh, what a wonderful day it will be.


Carrie Johanson said...

I'm glad that I wasn't the only one with a problem of leaky eyes at the wedding. Everything was so beautiful, and I am really happy for Amy. Keep praying for your companion, and the Lord will bless you in his time.

Kayli said...

:) cute.
--i loved the rainstorm and wrote about it on my blog too!

Jeff said...

You are definitely going to find someone that is worthy of you. When you find her it will be amazing.

Amy said...

Jar that is so sweet thank you! You know that I love you! You are such a great brother thanks! One day you will find a girl that makes you as happy as Kent makes me! You are awsome! love you