Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Colors of Fall

The past few days I have been in the Manti La Sal Mountains with my friend Zack and his family and friends. We were trying to shoot a deer. While we may not have had a lot of luck in that area we still had a great time. The daily hikes were beautiful. The horseback riding was hardcore. The fireside chats were worthwhile. I did a a lot of thinking while I was walking through the forest looking for a deer for someone else to shoot.

I think that yellow is my favorite fall color. To me I think red is the color of early fall, yellow is the middle, while orange and brown are the end. Yellow is the color of the Aspens. I walked through many Aspen forests these last few days. Seeing the yellow leaves coat the ground was great. There is a special feeling in the Aspens that I don't feel anywhere else. I love the color Yellow and I love the Aspens.

Even the sunrises and sunsets are different in Fall. This is the sunrise for this morning. I sure appreciate the colors of the sunrises in the mountains with the evergreens in the foreground. This was a place of incredible beauty. These mountains were a place that I could breathe, and more importantly think. I loved my time spent there.

I had some great times on horses this weekend. I figure that I went from novice to proficient on horses as a result of this trip. There were many things that contributed to this. Maybe it was all the hours spent riding through the forest without a trail. I think the biggest factor was one experience. Zack saw a buck and so he jumped off his horse a pulled out his gun. He through the reins to me and told me to hold his horse. He then set up and fired at the deer that was running away. He was only standing out five feet from my horse and his. Both horses went crazy, but I was able to stay on my horse and calm down both of the them. I think that gave me enough experience points to level up. Anyway, I had a great time riding the horses.


Jeff said...

I'm so glad you were able to level up. Once your experience points hit triple digits you'll have to keep the ladies and valkyries off with a 2 handed plus 3 broad sword.

deanna said...

Giddy up!