Sunday, May 10, 2009


As many of my readers know, I don't take a lot of pictures. My blog is one of text rather than full of photos. Several people have questioned me about this policy on not taking pictures and I realize I have many reasons that I don't take pictures, but recently I have realized another reason. Let me discuss this reason along with my day yesterday.

Last night I was on a beautiful full moon hike with a beautiful girl. We got to the top of my favorite cliff up Dry Canyon and the view was incredible. The girl I was with said it was an amazing view then quickly followed it up by say, "I can't believe that you don't take pictures!" I was kind of taken aback by this statement. I had told her a few days before some reasons that I don't take many pictures, but it was interesting that upon being confronted with an amazing view the first thing on her mind was why I didn't take pictures.

I have several small reasons that I don't take pictures and so none of the reasons stands alone as being convincing, but I want to speak about one reason that I gave my friend on the night hike. I try and spend a lot of time in the outdoors and see beautiful sights often. Pictures can be good to help remind me of a particular occasion or to show others how I do awesome things. However, I want to keep a store of beautiful images in my mind from all the wonderful views that I have seen. Because I don't have a camera that takes good pictures, I spend extra time trying to experience each view. I try and soak it up and remember it, I try and remember the smell the feel, the temperature, the colors, the emotions, and the place. I love remembering such images in my mind and reliving them. I know that I could still do this if I had a camera, but think the mindset is different. People who have a camera on a hike are often looking for a good shot or a good view. I am looking for experiences to have and images to remember. In short, I am too busy experiencing the out-of-doors to spend much time capturing a pathetic copy in picture form.

I do try and to my best to experience life to the fullest and remember those experiences. I think I will record some thoughts and experiences from my day yesterday to help me remember and help you to understand what I am busy doing.

I woke up way to early in a tent next to two of my best friends. We enjoyed some time around the fire. Chatted for a while then packed up and headed out. I had enough time to shower before I went to help coach my brother's lacrosse team. It was the quarter-final game in the state tournament and it was close all game long. In the end, Orem pulled out a victory and advanced to the semi-finals. I think they have a really good chance at taking state this year.

I then went and shoveled some horrible smelling compost for my parents. I could only help for a few minutes because I was going rock climbing with my rock climbing buddy (everybody needs a rock climbing buddy). We hiked up Rock Canyon a little ways and set up the rope on the tallest wall that I have ever done. It was a different sort of climb, but it was still challenging. It was scary to look down after I was more than half way to the top, but I kept on going. After we each climbed that wall we went to an easier wall so that I could practice speed. I was able to get to the top much quicker by taking chances and just forcing my way up even though I didn't know if there was a good hand hold up farther. After I did that a couple times we moved to a wall nearby that had a super hard part. Brian tried it and fell three or four times before he got past the obstacle, and when he came down he said, "I don't think that you can do it, not in your Chacos anyway." (I don't have rock climbing shoes so I climb in my Chacos which are sandals.) So naturally I needed to climb the wall. I did fall three or four times at the obstacle and by the time I reached the top I was bleeding from every appendage, but it was so worth it. It was my best day rock climbing ever.

After a much needed nap I went to my old ward's opening social BBQ. I enjoyed chatting with old friends, playing ultimate and, of course, a sweet BBQ. I then went to my new ward's opening social and enjoyed meeting new people and participating in the random activities. I also enjoyed exploring the park, because I hadn't been there in a long time and it is such a good park. After my ward activity I was really worn out, so my roommate Jason and I decided that we should spend a few minutes defending the world from alien attack. After killing several aliens some girls dropped by to visit us, so we put away childish things. We decided that a dance party needed to happen. So we were dancing it up when more people dropped by. It soon became a great event. I had to cut it relatively short because last night was a full moon and I never miss going on a full moon hike when there is a full moon.

So, like I said at the beginning. I went on a beautiful full moon hike with a beautiful girl. We had a great time spending time together and had so much fun chatting and enjoying the views. Overall yesterday was a great day, one to be remembered. I don't have a single picture taken from a camera from yesterday, but I can say that I have many wonderful images in my brain that are coupled with emotion and other senses that helped me remember what a great day it was. I hope I can keep adding to the store of wonderful memories so I always can have an amazing view if I just close my eyes and remember.


Jeff said...

I think it is excellent to create great memories and great experiences. I also think there is room for a camera to capture different scenes. One thing that I have photgraphed a million times is the view from my back yard. It always amazes me how the mountains can change and look so different on different days, so I've photographed them quite a bit. That being said, it sounds like you had some great experiences and you created a record on your blog which will be excellent in bringing those images back for yourself.

Darrell said...

I wish I was better at capturing a picture in my memory to be recalled at a later time. I can see that it is very meaningful to you.

Naazju said...

Thanks for coming to our ward social, by the way. You're welcome to crash anytime. :D

Jackie said...

A well-taken photo will captivate me for hours--but it doesn't hold the same emotion, charm, or memory as the recollection of a wonderful day. I think that when you know you want to take a picture, that's what you can focus on, but when it comes to making a memory, friend, it seems you know how to make memories better than most people I know. Let's hang out for real soon so I can have more good memories :)

patty said...

i feel similarly in terms of taking pictures. often i find when i have a camera, i tend to stand away from the event trying to capture it rather than participate.

i approve of your rock climbing adventures.