Saturday, December 21, 2013

Adventure Possibilities in 2014

I have been on several good adventures in the last couple weeks, including a good full moon hike, a great full moon run with a sword-like icicle and some quality hot tubbing in the snow. However my best story from the last couple of weeks involves adventure possibilities for 2014. It all starts when my friend Jeff had an interesting facebook post. (not my bff Jeff, but another friend Jeff)

Jeff works for Jet Blue and therefore has some pretty sweet flying perks. He flies for free, but he also gets to have someone else fly for free with him. I guess it is supposed to be some sort of spousal benefit, but since he doesn't have a spouse he needed to find someone else to fly for free. He can change that person every 12 months and it is coming time when he can change his travel buddy. Naturally he posted on facebook that anyone could try and convince him to be his travel buddy.

When I first saw the post the first thought I had was, "Some girl is going to get super lucky to be able to fly for free for a year." But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it would be a mistake for him to choose a girl. If he was dating the girl that would be cool, but even then can be iffy depending on how long the relationship lasted. If he wasn't dating the girl then that would mean he would get to here how she liked other guys on their trips together. Or maybe he could hear how great her boyfriend was, which really would just mean that they proly wouldn't be travel buddies anymore, they would just travel separately. 

Once I realized it would be a mistake for him to choose a girl I knew I had a good chance. In his facebook post he mentioned that when we tried to convince him we could use things like hotel benefits to sway his opinion. Recently my parents bought into a resort benefits program that their children can also take advantage of. It means that I can stay at a whole bunch of resorts all over for super cheap. I knew this would be almost too much for Jeff to pass up.

I then realized that my best evidence was that I was a great wingman and adventure buddy. I have proved over and over again that I can back a guy up in any situation. I also am adventurer at heart. If Jeff chooses me as an adventure buddy this year he will go on more adventures than he has ever been on. He will also go on different adventures. He will get a chance to see someone of the most beautiful parts of nature. He will get invited on some great trips that will be hard to pass up.

Once I realized all this and made my case to Jeff I was much more optimistic that he would choose me to be his travel buddy for this next year. Of course there have been several other people who have made a good pitch to him also. I realize that it may still be a long shot, but my adventures in 2014 just might be the best of my life if I can just be Jeff's travel buddy. If any of you readers of this blog feel that I have been a good adventure buddy feel free to comment on why. I will make sure that Jeff reads this blog with the comment section. 


Jeff said...

Jared, I'm so excited for you to expand your adventure having abilities. Think of all the adventures you've had when you had to pay for airline flights. The new level of adventures will be off the charts.

I'd like to address the rest of this comment to Jeff (not myself, but the decision making Jeff.)

Dear Jeff,

I'd like to talk to you Jeff to Jeff. Let's just pretend that no one else is reading this. We Jeffs are a unique breed. We are wise beyond our years. We're stunningly good looking. And we have impeccable tastes.

You're probably thinking, "Wow, this other Jeff really does know me amazingly well. How does he know such specific things about me? He's never even seen me yet he knows I'm stunningly good looking."

It's true. I know things I should not know. It's because I'm a Jeff. So you can have confidence in what I'm about to say because I know where you're coming from.

Jared William is your best possible option as an adventure buddy.

I know you're already convinced, because you know the inherent trustworthiness of all Jeffs, but I'll expound on a few reasons anyway.

Jared mentioned that he is a good wing man. Let me tell you of his wing man abilities. In my years as a single individual, I spent countless hours with Jared as a wing man. Jared has an uncanny ability to meet people. Coupled with that is an uncanny ability to make people love him and totally trust him. That means that on your adventures he will meet lots of people, they will all love him and trust him, and then he will tell them what he likes about you. This will result in all of these thousands of people loving you.

The only thing greater than adventures all over the world, is adventures all over the world with new friends that think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread. (And we all know how great sliced bread is.) That is what you get when you choose Jared.

He mentioned that he goes on lots of adventures. He has an amazing ability to find adventure, and find it at little or no monetary cost. He will find ways to experience the world in the funnest way possible, with the least impact on your wallet.

In short, if you select Jared you will have money in your pocket, you'll have the greatest memories you can imagine, and you'll have friends in every city in the United States.

Most importantly, you'll prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jeffs make extremely intelligent decisions.

jeff said...

Let me say, Jeff to Jeff, that you make some really fantastic points here.